Controls and Avionics Research Group Research Focus:

-Advanced flight controls and avionics technologies

-Air traffic control and air space modelling

-Unmanned air vehicles design and autonomy

-Data driven modelling and estimation

-Man-machine command and control simulations


Nanomaterials and Advanced Composites Research Group Research Focus:

-Nano-engineered prepregs and composites

-Carbon nanomaterial based buckypapers and yarns for sensors and actuators

-Nano-engineered 3D textile preforms

-Boron based functional nanomaterials

-3D printing of conductive structural components

-Nanofiber proton exchange membranes for fuel cells

-Multiscale modeling of nanocomposites and laminated composites

-Aircraft cabin air filtration technologies

-Functional nanofiber membranes for filtration

-CNTs based gas sensors/biomedical device configuration and testing